Comics and Consoles

Since the podcast shows both a video of the comedians playing the game and the feed of the actual video game, the hosts of the podcast needed a background to fill the unused space of the video. They asked me to design a video game-themed background that would allow two screens of varying size and position to be overlaid on top of it, and their URL in the bottom left corner. Since I wanted the background to appear cohesive with their existing branding (which I did not create), I designed this background which used the same font style and color as their logo, and created simple outlines of microphones and various video game controllers used on the show.

This is a screenshot from an episode, providing context for the background image.


A couple of Richmond-based comedians run a video podcast on YouTube called Comics and Consoles, where local comedians play terrible video games and crack jokes about them.


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Comics and Consoles podcast




Video background