The Fancy Biscuit: People's Biscuit of Richmond

This is the design for the “People’s Biscuit of Richmond” t-shirt for The Fancy Biscuit.

The t-shirt design was screen printed by a local Richmond screen printing company called Guard N Flags.

This is the sticker design for the “People’s Biscuit of Richmond” for The Fancy Biscuit. The sticker design employs both the color scheme and the style of The Fancy Biscuit’s logo, without sacrificing any of the design of the PBR parody logo.


The Fancy Biscuit, a delicious biscuit and brunch restaurant in Richmond, VA, hired me to design a t-shirt parody of/homage to the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer logo, using their name and the phrase “People’s Biscuit of Richmond”. They ended up liking it so much that they hired me once again to create a sticker using the same base design, while also incorporating the color scheme and stylistic elements of their official company logo.


Graphic Designer


The Fancy Biscuit




T-Shirt & Sticker